Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

If you have always wanted fuller, longer eyelashes but you cannot achieve the effect with cosmetics, semi-permanent eyelashes are ideal. These lash extensions frame the eyes naturally without appearing theatrical. An eyelash technician can work with you to create a customized look that will give your eyes the ultimate boost.

What are Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions?

Semi-permanent lash extensions are essentially synthetic copies of real eyelashes. They are designed to feel, look and move like your actual lashes. Every strand is silky, shiny and soft, and the lashes are slightly curved which adds to the natural aesthetic. You can use eyelash extensions to create drama, or you can subtly enhance your look with a more prominent lash line.

An eyelash technician applies each eyelash to your natural lashes, so the result is as seamless and authentic as possible. The process is relatively quick, and you will feel no discomfort during the procedure. Our specialists can help you choose a look that will add just enough length and volume to make your eyes more captivating.

What are the Advantages of Semi-permanent Lashes?

One of the biggest perks to having semi-permanent eyelashes is that you can stop fighting with your mascara brush or lash curler every day. You will wake up each morning with lustrous and thick eyelashes, and the volume will last all day and night. You can also participate in all your usual activities without having to worry about touching up your mascara.

Depending on the type you get, you can create instant visual interest with eyelash extensions. It is possible to reinvent your overall look. You can go for maximum volume and imitate your favorite model or longer natural extensions tapered to follow your existing lash line.

The experts at The Finest nails Salon has the training and experience to offer the safest techniques and products possible. We provide quick and friendly service in a relaxing and stress-free environment. Our knowledgeable beauty expert are ready to help you customize your ideal look. After just one visit, you can have long, healthy-looking and alluring eyelashes that will brighten and bring life to your eyes.



Naturally Beautiful Lash Extensions

From the moment you step into The Finest Nails Salon, you will feel at ease. Our salon is designed for comfort, and our beauty experts are accommodating and personable. We want your experience to be enjoyable from beginning to end. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a staff member who will discuss the available lash style options with you.

What is the First Visit Like?

Once you agree on your desired look, a technician will lead you to a private treatment area. Your eyelash extensions will be carefully applied, one strand at a time, and the procedure is quick and painless.

What are the Options?

We offers four eyelash extension styles; gorgeous, natural, sexy & cute. The extensions are available in an assortment of thicknesses and lengths. A specialist will apply your lashes individually using a pharmaceutical-grade adhesive – a special formulation that prevents eye irritation and protects the natural eyelashes.

How long is the Procedure?

A full set of lashes can take 1 1/2 to 2 hours to apply. The extensions will be applied to your own eyelashes, and your technician will work thoroughly to achieve the most natural results. You should get refills every three or four weeks.

Are There any Pretreatment Preparations?

Prior to your appointment, we suggest using a light cleanser to wipe any dirt or cosmetics off your eyelashes. It’s best to avoid oily makeup removers.

Which Look is best?

The color and shape of your eyes and the condition of your lashes are determining factors for choosing extensions. You may want a strikingly dramatic look, or you may simply need to enhance your natural eyelashes with fillers. Our beauty expert can help you create the gorgeous, full and eye-catching lash line that you desire.



Feel like a Celebrity without paying the celebrity price